Sprint Distance Course

NOTICE: No previewing of the course prior to race day is allowed. Anyone caught swimming in the marina prior to Sunday will be disqualified.

The following course is the course for both the Draft-Legal and Classic races.

650-meter open water swim 

Our in-water swim start begins on the East side of Westpoint Harbor, takes athletes up around the docks with three large, easy-to-sight orange buoys and ends on the West side. Athletes will exit the water here and run to transition to complete the first event.

Westpoint Harbor has won multiple awards for its cleanliness and stellar technology to keep the marina safe and clean.

20 kilometer bike

Out of the swim, athletes will exit transition and turn right, riding counter-clockwise in the inner lane around Seaport Circle towards the Pacific Shores entrance. After hopping over a few speed bumps, riders will turn right onto Seaport Blvd, occupying the left lane of the southbound lanes. After the first U-turn at Blomquist Lane, riders will again keep to the left lane of the northbound lanes. The second U-turn is at the Pacific Shores entrance which takes riders back to the southbound lane. These two U-turns make up one loop of this 20-kilometer bike. After four complete loops, riders will turn right onto Seaport Circle and race back to transition.

5 kilometer run

Off the bike, triathletes will find a nice running path waiting right outside of transition. This path takes our runners 2.5 kilometers out, passing two aid stations on the way, and 2.5 kilometers back for a race to the finish line!

Transition Layout