Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. This is my first triathlon ever. What do I need to know?

Triathlons consist of swimming, biking, and running in that order. Your time for the race consists of the total time it takes you to swim, bike, and run, including the time to transition between the sports. USA Triathlon has some great resources for beginners, check it out here:

2. What gear/equipment is required for this race? What is recommended?

You will need a wetsuit for the swim (it is highly recommended you wear a wetsuit, but if you choose not to wear a wetsuit you'll need to sign a waiver), a bike and bike helmet for the bike and running gear such as running shoes for the run. So at a minimum you need a wetsuit, a bike and helmet, running shoes, and clothing to bike and run in. 

It is recommended that you carry any spare parts that you might need for your bike, such as spare tubes and a pump or CO2 cartridges because it is a rule violation to receive outside assistance during the course of the race so in the event of a flat tire you'll need to change it yourself. You may also want to have bike or triathlon shoes and corresponding pedals, a water bottle for your transition and bike, glasses for the bike, swim goggles and a swim cap, a towel to help dry off after the swim, bike gloves, socks for the bike and run although some athletes choose to forego socks in the interest of efficiency, and a race belt to hold your bib. It also can't hurt to have spares of some of the above, such as goggles, hair ties, socks, and water bottles. 

For more information for beginners about what is required and gear recommendations, USAT has more details here:

For details about gear that is approved and not approved, the USAT rulebook can be found here:

3. Are finisher medals given to participants?

Finisher medals are not given for the Classic or Draft Legal Races. Prizes are awarded to 1-3rd places in each 5 year age group. All participants will receive either a pair of cycling socks with the Treeathlon logo or a technical fabric T-shirt with the Treeathlon logo.

Finisher medals are awarded to Saplingathlon participants (Kids 12 and under). Awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd girl and boy from each wave. T-shirts are also given to all Saplingathlon participants.

4. Are prizes awarded?

See above. We get awesome prizes from our sponsors each year. See the sponsor's page for a list of all of our sponsors.

5. What are the Senior Games?

The Senior Games is a special competition for athletes who are 50 or older. For more information, see  The Classic Stanford Treeathlon Race is a qualifying event for the Triathlon at 2017 Summer National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama.

6. I can't register for the Draft-Legal race. Why?

The Draft-Legal race is a highly competitive race. Non-students and non-elite athletes are screened by us to make sure they will be able to safely compete with the other athletes. This requires a password to register that we grant if you provide proof of your experience and past races. If you wish to register for this race, please send an email to with a list of your qualifications and experience in pack riding and racing.

The Classic Sprint is open to all athletes, beginners and elite athletes alike. No password is required to register.

7. What temperature will the water be?

Last year, the water temperature was around 57°F.  It will probably be somewhere between 55 and 65 this year.  A wetsuit is highly recommended.  (You will have to sign a waiver if you don't wear one)

If you are interested, this is a website that has historical water temperature data for the area.

8. Are T-shirts available for this event?

At registration, all athletes may choose between a pair of official Treeathlon socks or a technical fabric T-shirt. T-shirts will be a solid color with the Treeathlon logo. The size chart is below. Registrations after February 10 will have to choose item and size at packet pick-up.

T-shirt Size Chart.png